Best Hoverboard With Knee Support In 2022

Hoverboard With Knee Support

Hoverboards have become increasingly popular in the past few years.  Who wouldn’t love to move around, very fast with little effort?  Literally, no one. Riding on a hoverboard brings a lot of fun and adventure. And not just for fun or adventure use cases, hoverboards have been used in more practical work situations as sources … Read more

Meepo NLS Pro vs Wowgo V3 | 2021 Comparison

Meepo NLS Pro vs Wowgo V3

If you’re on the lookout for the best pick between the Meepo V3 vs Wowgo V3, you’ve come to the right place! With electric skateboards now making waves globally, Meepo and Wowgo are two major contenders standing out in the industry. Over the years, both manufacturers have been known to offer solid electric skateboards with … Read more

Meepo NLS Pro vs V3 (2021 Comparison)

Meepo NLS Pro vs V3

If you’re looking for a better board between the Meepo NLS Pro vs Meepo V3 to cruise around, this post has all the info you need to know. Both skateboards are similarly featured and function alike with the major difference being found with the Meepo NLS Pro having more speed, range, and power. The NLS … Read more

Meepo V3 vs V3 ER | Which One Is Better

Meepo V3 vs V3 ER

Electric skateboards are becoming so popular now that everybody wants to get one. Many companies are now producing skateboards at affordable prices without having to compromise on speed, range, and power. Meepo offers some of the low-budget electric skateboards with fantastic features you can find around. The company is founded in China and boasts of … Read more

How Much Does Onewheel Cost? Why Is It So expensive?

How Much Does Onewheel Cost

Want to invest in a cool motorized skateboard and need to know how much Onewheel costs? If that’s the case, you’re at the right place.  Onewheel arguably designs the best-motorized skateboards with high-quality components and better performance right from California, USA. But how great and pocket-friendly is the price tag for their skateboards. In this … Read more

Should A Razor Scooter Be On When Charging?

should razor scooter be on when charging

So, you have a razor scooter and you want to discover whether it should be on when trying to charge it? I’ll reveal to you in this article the recommended way to charge razor scooters. Razor scooters are nowadays seen as a core means of user mobility and transportation.  They operate and utilize power from … Read more

How To Cover Up Scratches On Your Hoverboard

how to cover up scratches on a hoverboard

Hoverboards have become a huge trend over the past years, with more and more people casually riding their neat, shiny hoverboards on the sidewalks and in parks. However, when in active use, hoverboards tend to become scuffed up and gain scratches with time.  Although it doesn’t matter to what makes your hoverboard work, these scratches … Read more