Should A Razor Scooter Be On When Charging?

should razor scooter be on when charging

So, you have a razor scooter and you want to discover whether it should be on when trying to charge it? I’ll reveal to you in this article the recommended way to charge razor scooters. Razor scooters are nowadays seen as a core means of user mobility and transportation.  They operate and utilize power from … Read more

One Side of Hoverboard Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

one side of hoverboard not working

One minute you’re riding smoothly along the park, the next minute your hoverboard breaks down and won’t start.  There are several problems that happen to our hoverboards especially when it’s in regular use.  And one of these problems that commonly happen is for one side of your hoverboard to work and the other side doesn’t. … Read more

Best Hoverboard For 300 lbs & 250 lbs

Best Hoverboard For 300 lbs & 250 lbs

Hoverboards have become increasingly popular in the past few years.  Who wouldn’t love to move about, very fast with little effort?  Literally, no one. Riding on a hoverboard brings about a lot of fun and adventure. And not just for fun or adventure use cases, hoverboards have been used in more practical work situations as … Read more

Hoverboard Wheels Getting Hot? Here’s Why

Hoverboard Wheels Getting Hot

Hoverboards are cool, right? They are since we started hearing about them in 2013, you ride it at home or around the neighborhood and showing it off in front of your friends, that’s good and everything but, you sometimes run into some really annoying problems where you can’t figure out why this problem happened and … Read more

How to Turn Off Sound on a Hoverboard

How to Turn Off Sound on a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are fun to ride, at home or even on the streets with your friends, a really fun and innovative invention we must admit, but sometimes you face this problem where it beeps repeatedly and makes you go crazy and lets you turn it off to stop this noise.  Your hoverboard beeps when the battery … Read more