Best 30 MPH Electric Skateboards

Are you a good skater? Do you hunt for an advanced version of skateboards equipped with motors? This article will be a great guide to choose from many electric skateboards in the digital market. Skateboards play a vital role in personal transportation. You can move about around the corners with the desired speed limit. It gives you a thrilling feeling because you move on by standing on wheels. Most skaters find it difficult to select an appropriate skateboard to suit their needs. You have to look upon various criteria before sticking onto a specific skateboard product in the market. The criteria include motor capacity, length of the skateboard, stability, and flexibility. There should be built-in safety measures to avoid unnecessary accidents while traveling on these skateboards. You can take a quick look at the below electric skateboard types and its related specifications to identify the perfect product as per your requirement. All the products given below vary in their specification and there are no compromises in their quality factors.

Best 30 mph electric skateboard

The best electric skateboards should serve you in both on-road and off-road equally without any compromises. Here the off-road refers to the unequal surface like grass, sandy roads, hills, etc. This type of 30mph electric skateboard product is the right choice for beginners. If you want to try out an electric skateboard from a normal long-board then you can try out this product. Initially, when you travel around with an electric skateboard, it is highly advisable to wear protective gear to avoid major injuries at the time of accidents. This safety measure will protect your skull from being badly injured.

Most Electric Skateboards have speed control options using remote access. You can make use of the remote device to enjoy a stable drive without any difficulty. If you want an adventurous ride then use the safety precautions before commencing your thrilling moments. Professionals in this field suggest a normal speed limit to avoid unnecessary accidents on the way. Do not try out the maximum speed initially because you may feel discomfort with the sliding board at some point in time amidst your ride. In the early stage practice with the normal speed and gradually increase the speed for a safe drive in the long run.

The given below electric skateboards have a maximum speed limit of 30MPH and you can choose anyone from the displayed list as per your requirement. During the selection process, take a quick look at the specs and its added functionalities. You have to ensure the built-in safety features before making the purchase. You must select the product, which fits, perfectly within your budget.

Land SnaiL Electric-Skateboard 30 MPH Top Speed 750W Dual MOTOR (30 MPH) 


This electric skater suits for leisure time and it helps the beginners to master the e-skating techniques. This electric skateboard has 1500W DC motor with powerful and stable performance. The overall design of the board is lightweight and you can handle it easily without any issues. You can drive up to 30km/h at a 30% grade hill easily. It is a lightweight board, which weighs only 16.5lbs. This skateboard has 50A rubber tires to filter the vibrations during the travel.


  •  Precise performance and the best startup
  • Availability of damping system to avoid vibration while traveling on off-road regions
  • Smart design pattern, which attracts the young minds in no time
  • The OLED lights on the board come with multi-color and it directs you the path clearly on a sunny day.


  • This Electric Skateboard can drive only up to 48kmph
  • The lifetime of the built-in OLED lights on the board is shorter

Best 25 mph electric skateboard

According to the research study the skateboards with average speed, ranging from 18-28mph is said to be average skateboards. This average skateboard has a powerful motor with a lot of safety measures. Faster thrills a lot but it is highly dangerous, you have to be highly skillful to try out faster electric skateboards. Only a few countries have authorized the usage of electric skateboards. You have to look upon the legal chart to learn whether your country permits electric skateboard rides on road. Before making a purchase ensure the rules and regulations related to the legalized speed limits of the electric-skateboards.

The 25MPH electric skateboard serves well for beginners. If you have a passion for e-skating, then grab the below-discussed products immediately. The maximum speed limit seems to be acceptable and it does not cause any issues even if you try out the skating skills for the first time. This type of electric skateboard is recommendable for the start-ups.

Before trying out your skating skills with electric skateboards, it is highly advisable to be trained with an ordinary skateboard. In an ordinary skateboard, you can control the speed manually and you will learn how to balance even on off-roads effectively. When you ride on the electric skateboards the motor runs activating the wheels of the board where you need to operate the remote control to alter the speed limit. When you become professional in balancing skills then confidently you can proceed with the electric skateboards.

SKATE BOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II Electric Longboard (28 MPH) 


It is a comfortable longboard with 4-speed modes. It has a customized braking system with four types of brake settings. The motors are powerful enough to climb the hills effortlessly. This skateboard has a 6000mAh lithium battery. It has a dual 350W motor and it is replaceable. You can climb up to 30% steep hill easily with the help of this board. It has 100mm wheels and there is the availability of extra wheels measuring 90mm. The board is made up of bamboo and two- layers of glass fibers, which offers flexibility, strength, and durability. This e-skateboard makes your long trips ease using the cruise control options.


  • Comfortable design pattern which enhances the stability of the board
  • The motors are replaceable
  • You can charge the battery in the board by operating the brakes on the down-hill
  • Suits well for long trips


  • The lifetime of the battery is short and it is not reliable in the long run
  • The warranty facility does not support for repairing major issues on the board
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 Vestar Mini (27 MPH) 


It is a mini-board with a compact outlook. The powerful electric motor comes with a specification 5045 motor. It weighs around 17.64 pounds and the deck length measures 28 inches. It is a stylish skateboard with various durable features. It has a water-resistant hub motor functioning optimally in the long run without any issues. The board has a 7-layer maple wood with hyperelastic wheels. This electric skateboard is the best choice for terrain travel.


  • The Vestar electric skateboard has a free shipping facility for more than 46 countries across boundaries
  • You can avail for 180 days of the warranty period
  • Excellent customer support to attend your queries immediately


  • Difficulty in switching between speed modes
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Evolve Skateboards – Electric Carbon GTR Street and All-Terrain Longboard (26 MPH) 


 The unique specs as follows

  •  22-26 MPH top speeds
  • 19-31 mile rand and
  • 25%-30% gradient climb

This long skateboard is made up of carbon fiber with flexible functionalities. It has a built-in battery with a label of 18650 lithium-ion. You can travel up to 50km when it is fully charged. It has three types of remote modes like ECO, PRO, and Custom. You can enjoy a smooth braking system with the help of magnetic trigger controls. It has the best Bluetooth remote provisions. This electric board assists the riders on unique road structures like steep curves, rough surfaces, etc. It provides an everlasting memorable pleasure ride to enjoy the serenity within you. This electric skateboard is highly recommended by the professionals and it satisfies the users without compromising on any factor.


  • You can enjoy a stable ride
  • Precise and fantastic controls
  • Highly performable e-skateboard
  • Reliable products amidst the competitors
  • Durable and provides grip support to avoid accidents


  • This product is available only to specific countries
  • Few color shades and less attractive.
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YWS Off-Road Electric Skateboard (35 KPH)


The dimension of the tires is highly notable. The tires measure nine-inch and it is indestructible. It is an explosion-proof tire with shock-absorbing features. You can travel on the off-road comfortably without any difficulties. You can switch between four different speed modes with the help of a remote LCD controller. This skateboard provides a comfortable journey even on the terrain regions. This skateboard provides excellent turning options with remarkable sliding experience.


  • Comfortable ride at hilly areas
  • The thick dimension of the tire offers an adequate balance for the rider
  • Excellent shock absorbers
  • The best skateboard for the beginners


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • While switching between the speed modes, the rider should be careful and balance the board accordingly.
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FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Can you take an electric skateboard on a plane?

Yes, you can carry an electric skateboard on a plane if you abide by certain restrictions such as the skateboard should not weigh more than 50 pounds and it should measure within 62 inches. You can either send the skateboard along with the baggage or carry it with yourself if it fits underneath your seat in the plane. While placing the board beneath your seat you must make sure the wheels of the skateboard face the top to avoid rolling when the plane is on move.

Can you do tricks on an electric skateboard?

Yes, you can try out a few tricks on this electric skateboard. Many professionals suggest that it is easy to play tricks on the electric skateboard when compared to a normal skateboard because the electric skateboard offers more stability and is best suited for beginners. You can try out ‘Hippie Jump’; it is a technique where you can jump in the air leaving the board on the ground and get back to it within a few seconds. The next trick is the ‘ Boneless’, here you have to grab the board in the middle with your hands and jump along with the board. All these tricks give you fun and everlasting memorable moments in your life journey.

Can you push an electric skateboard?

Yes, you can shove the electric skateboard and it is known as ‘Ghost Ride Kickflip’. As per the user’s opinion, it is easy to push a normal skateboard when compared to the electric skateboard. The electric skateboard comprises a motor, sensor, remote controls, LCD displays, etc that weighs too heavy than an ordinary skateboard. These extra arrangements complicate the pushing action.

Why are electric skateboards so expensive?

Electric skateboards are quite expensive than ordinary ones because of the battery cost. The price of these batteries varies with the products and it shoots up the overall price tag of the product. Other related costs like remote controls, LCD display, etc adds on to elevate the total price of the electric skateboard. The product’s cost pays for its incredible functionalities. The electric skateboards are highly reliable and you can go for it neglecting the cost factor.

Where are electric skateboards legal?

It is legal in a few countries with speed limitations. The countries include Belgium with the speed limit of 20km/h, Spain, Portugal, Italy with the speed limit 30km/h, Croatia, Austria, Lithuania, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, California, Michigan, Florida, Australia, and Singapore. All these countries allow electric skateboards with the governance of rules and regulations.


Finally, it is time to conclude the discussion of Electric Skateboards. There is a wide range of electric skateboards available in the digital market. You have to choose the perfect fit, which suits your needs without any compromises. Every electric skateboard is unique and it has a huge list of functionalities. While purchasing the product you must read its features and analyze whether it matches your expectations. Have a memorable cruising experience with your favorite electric skateboard within your budget limits.

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