About me

Hey, this is Shawky, Thank you for stopping by šŸ˜€

shawky khalil

I currently live in Egypt, Iā€™m a 22.5-year-old Engineering student, I like a lot of stuff including technology especially things that work on autopilot or things that are automated or run using AI.

On this blog, I share and write topics that concern future personal transportations, stuff like hoverboards, electric bikes, solo wheels… etc, basically, the ones that use electricity as a main power source.

I write about questions that you may have in mind about one or more of these electric devices.

If you have any comments or feedback about my blog posts don’t hesitate and send them over using the contact us page or simply comment on one of my blog posts and I’ll try to reply back as soon as possible.

Have fun and stay safe on the road šŸ™‚