Are Boosted Boards Safe? Is It Worth Having One?

Electric boards are a great alternative to other types of vehicles nowadays, especially if you want to be a friend to the environment, the revolution of electric vehicles is already here, companies like SolarCity and Tesla are looking to spread the word about the power of electric transportation. 

Safety is an important aspect of any vehicle, from airbags to smart brakes, a good electric board should have an excellent braking system, but let’s be more specific, what about Boosted Boards? Are they safe enough? 

In the next few lines, you’re going to find out the answer to this question. 

Are electric boards safe?

There are a few things you need to know before you find out the answer to your question, it’s not all about the electric board itself but how you use it. 

Apart from the different types of braking systems that each brand has, you must be aware that the safety of the board depends on the rider, it means you should be cautious when riding an electric board at full speed. 

Wearing a helmet is a no brainer, don’t get fooled by the smoothness of riding an electric board at a high speed, you should wear a high-quality helmet just like if you were riding a bike or a regular skateboard. 

If you can get safety gloves that’d be great as well. 

When riding an electric board at night don’t go full speed and make sure your board has bright stickers or bumpers.

Avoid rough roads or roads with rocks, cracks or obstacles that are hard to get around. 

Don’t use your board on wet roads or when it’s raining, there was no single fully waterproofed electric board invented till this moment, so don’t get near the water. 

Always stick to the sidewalk. 

Finally, if you’re riding an electric board for the first time don’t go full speed from the beginning, go easy day by day. 

Are Boosted boards safe?

The brakes of Boosted boards are one of the best in the market, but as I told you above, it mostly depends on you, the brakes are one thing and the rest of the process relies on you. 

In some situations, you will have to use foot braking in order to avoid a collision or an accident, if you’re new to skateboarding, go online and learn how to do foot braking, it’s worth it. 

Boosted uses regenerative brakes, it means that it charges the battery every time you use the brakes. But beware though, don’t go outside with a fully charged battery because the brakes probably won’t work. 

As a last warning or advice, practice more before you decide to try high speeds, put on knee, elbow and wrist pads for more protection. 

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