Are Boosted Boards Waterproof?

Water is the number one enemy of electronics, a tiny drop of water can cause a lot of damage by creating a short circuit, so imagine what rain or puddles could do to your electric skateboard! 

Nowadays, we dream about making all electronics waterproof, even the tiniest things to avoid paying a lot of money over and over again. 

But today I’m going to focus on one type of electric devices or vehicles which is your Boosted Board.

Let’s see how waterproof your Boosted Board actually is. 

Can you ride a Boosted Board in the rain or snow?

No, maybe in light rain but overall no, other skaters will advise you not to do that, the wheels will keep spinning and it will be difficult to move and you’ll eventually lose traction and control, other than that, the wood of the deck will soak up the water and warp. 

If the deck itself is waterproof then that’s good but still, the bearings will be deteriorated if they get wet. 

Snow will even make it worse, you won’t be able to move a lot on snowy roads, especially when your skateboard is too close to the ground. 

I haven’t mentioned the safety part, when it’s raining the road will be too slippery, if you’re not skilled enough you may fall off the board and get hurt, so be cautious. 

Riding electric or non-electric skateboards in rainy or snowy days is a big NO.

Are Boosted Boards waterproof?

They’re water-resistant, Boosted tried to protect its boards against water by making the essential parts like the battery and the motor water-resistant, that doesn’t mean you’re free to go through puddles all the time, remember, water is the enemy of electronics, even if Boosted themselves told you it’s waterproofed, try to avoid water at all costs.

Is the Boosted mini waterproof?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many videos on YouTube to show you if the Boosted mini is waterproof or not, but some folks on Reddit have talked about it and someone mentioned that someone at a demo event fell off and his mini s flew into a pond, luckily it was back and running after 30 minutes of drying.
So, if you’re lucky and fast enough, you can save your Boosted mini or mini s. 

So, if you’re lucky and fast enough, you can save your Boosted mini or mini s. 

Is the Boosted Board Stealth waterproof?

The same goes for this type, it’s water-resistant but definitely not waterproof, the reason behind this is it’s very hard to manufacture a fully waterproof electrical device, it’s just not that easy, even if you waterproof these main parts like the battery and the motor you still leave the bearings and the deck unprotected.

Always aim for IP65 if you want some protection from water, remember though, the warranty won’t cover the damages if you accidentally drop it in a water pool.

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