What Happens if You Charge Your Hoverboard Too Long

There’s no doubt that having a hoverboard is a cool thing, but you used to hear about all these explosion incidents because of the battery, which makes you more scared and careful about the way you treat your hoverboard, which led you to ask this question, what’s going to happen if I charge my hoverboard too long? 

Well, you’re going to find out the answer in a second along with some other questions that you may have in mind, keep reading to discover the answer to your question. 

What happens if you charge your hoverboard too long? 

Smartphone batteries don’t explode or get damaged when they’re left all night charging, but it hurts the battery in the future, but when it comes to Hoverboard batteries it’s not recommended to leave it there all night, especially if the hoverboard was hit before or the battery is defective. 

Genuine hoverboard batteries should stop charging once they reach 100% but you can’t be sure about that. 

Keep in mind that this advice doesn’t apply to all batteries, I mean, not all batteries are the same, you might have purchased a cheap battery from an unknown seller in China or your town, purchasing a genuine one from the company that made the hoverboard is always recommended to avoid any problems in the future. 

How long can you charge your hoverboard?

It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge the hoverboard’s battery.

You may want to also check the manual that came with the hoverboard to see how long it takes to fully charge it. 

What kind of battery does a hoverboard use?

The hoverboard’s battery is made of Lithium-Ion which is the same battery for laptop and smartphones, that means most of the things we hear about smartphones batteries also apply to Hoverboards batteries. 

Can you replace the battery in a hoverboard?

As with any electronic device, you can replace your hoverboard’s battery when it dies or misbehaves. 

A tip though, don’t choose any battery especially cheap ones, rather, go for expensive ones, believe me, you’ll thank me later, ask the company you got your hoverboard from, or simply get one of these Samsung batteries, Samsung is known for making high-quality batteries. 

How do I know if my hoverboard battery is bad?

After some time maybe a few years your hoverboard’s battery goes bad, there’s a test you can do in order to tell whether you should replace it or not. 

First, connect the charger to your hoverboard, if the indicator light on the charger stays green and doesn’t turn into red, then there’s a chance that the battery is bad. 

Second, use a multimeter to test the battery voltage, if it shows less voltage than the one mentioned on the battery then it’s certainly bad and needs to be replaced ASAP. 

Check out this video to better understand what I’m talking about…

Hoverboard battery precautions

  • Don’t store it in a very cold or hot place, doing so will damage the battery. 
  • Use a genuine battery from a reputable seller or the company. 
  • Always use the official brand charger for your hoverboard.
  • Treating your hoverboard gently is a must to avoid breaking or moving the battery from its place.

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