Why Are E-Bike Batteries So Expensive

So, you’re eco-friendly? You don’t like riding motorbikes to save the planet from emissions and pollution… etc. 

Riding an electric bike for commuting to work every day to save the planet and a few bucks for more important tasks or stuff can make exhaust the battery, right? 

Just like a cell phone, every Li-ion battery has a specific number of charging and discharging cycles… for example (500 – 700 charging cycles).

So the battery is considered one of the most critical parts of an electric bike, you need it to last longer, right? Well, that’s one reason that makes electric bikes so expensive, the range.

In the following lines, you’re going to discover the reasons behind expensive batteries and what the alternatives are. 

Why are E-Bike batteries so expensive? 

Don’t go for cheap batteries because their capacity will slowly degrade over time.

Lithium batteries tend to cost more than Lead Acid because they’re lighter and smaller whereas Lead Acid batteries are big and heavy. 

Unfortunately, recent technology is not yet capable of producing a high quality long-lasting cheap battery, even though we’ve heard a few rumors about a better alternative to Li-ion, but the reality is telling us the opposite.

Electric bike battery recelling

A battery recelling is an alternative solution and a cheaper one especially if your electric bike is very old and you can’t find a new replacement. 

Search online for electric bike battery recelling services and contact them if you’re looking for a cheaper solution. 

How long do electric bike batteries last?

There are a lot of factors that determine the life of a battery, based on what the manufacturer told you, an electric battery can last from 3 to 5 years, as I said, it depends on a lot of factors, the way you treat it, and where you store it. 

Make sure to store it in a cold and dry place. Heat is harmful to your battery. 

Also, don’t immerse it in water in order to clean it, it’s very wrong.

Don’t charge it too often, that will reduce its life quicker than usual

Beware, if a new battery starts to act weird and discharges quickly especially in the first 6 months or first year ask for a replacement immediately. 

How much does an e-bike battery cost?

A new battery is going to cost a lot, but it also depends on the capacity of the battery you want to buy, the more capacity you want the more it’s going to cost you.

Don’t just look for expensive batteries to buy, an expensive battery doesn’t always mean it’s very good and going to last more but rather look for branded batteries from companies like Samsung or Panasonic.

Can you ride an e-bike without the battery?

If the electric bike has pedals then yes, with no resistance from the motor, not all e-bikes are the same, check the manufacturer’s manual, if it’s allowed to ride an E-Bike without a battery then great.

Also, if you’re allowed to remove the battery then do it right away, this will make your E-Bike lighter and you’ll move easier, also make sure not to fill the empty space of the battery with sand or crud.

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