Hoverboard Wheels Getting Hot? Here’s Why

Hoverboards are cool, right? They are since we started hearing about them in 2013, you ride it at home or around the neighborhood and showing it off in front of your friends, that’s good and everything but, you sometimes run into some really annoying problems where you can’t figure out why this problem happened and how to fix it. 

A problem like this one, your hoverboard wheels getting hot. 

Well, in this article I’ll go over this problem and try to explain to you the real reasons behind it. 

Why are hoverboard wheels getting hot

The motors

If you open up your hoverboard, you’ll notice that the motors are in the wheels, motors by nature heat up when they run for too long, if you ride your hoverboard for a long time I think you need to give it a break, let it cool down and ride again in a few hours. 

Another reason would be the main board, maybe it’s defective, what I mean by this is that if it’s really defective, it’ll deliver more current than it should be, more current means more speed and of course, more heat. 

I don’t recommend that you start fixing it yourself, instead, take it to a repair store and let a professional technician take a look at it. 


Friction is good and bad at the same time, without friction things like cars, motorcycles and of course, Hoverboards, won’t be able to move on the road. 

The bad thing about friction is the more of it the bad, if you’re doing crazy moves or tricks with it and braking over and over again without slowing down first, the hoverboard wheels will heat up and start to wear out.

I personally think that the first reason is the most common or correct one. 

Why does your Hoverboard smell like burnt rubber? 

Because of Friction: Some people might run into this issue where they smell a bad scent coming out of the wheels of their Hoverboards that smells like burnt rubber, what I think about this is when you do tricks or use the brakes in an unusual way causing it to wear out quickly as I said above. 

Another reason would be the Motor, motors heat up just like any electric device, if you let it on for too long or if it pulls too much current, just like the case we discussed above. 


My engineering background helped me identify this problem, the above tips aren’t 100% guaranteed that it’ll help you fix this issue but I can’t think of any other way, heat causes many issues, not just the wheels but the battery could break down because of it. 

7 thoughts on “Hoverboard Wheels Getting Hot? Here’s Why”

  1. So, my 10 year old has a hoverboard (my parents gave it to her for Christmas). She tried to ride it today and one wheel locked up. We couldn’t get it to turn off – and the wheel is pretty hot to the touch. Paranoid about the whole fire thing…. the power did finally turn off. But still worried. Your thoughts?

  2. Brought a hover 1 hoverboard used it out box and it cut off after 10 minutes during use, Tried charging nothing no beebs simply won’t turn on

  3. Have a question about wheels getting hot the wheel on the battery side is hotter then the other I used a infrared temp gun on it. It was at 120degree F. Now my daughter was riding around on it with the sit scooter attachment in the house I’m thinking it was cause of the short burst and not getting enough air passing by to cool it, but at the same time nervous cause it was almost to hot to touch. In your opinion do you think it needs repairs thank you

  4. I was riding my hoverboard with go-cart attachment yesterday and it was randomly shutting off when riding with full charge. What would cause this? It’s scary when going down a hill and it dies because there’s not way to slow it down…


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