One Side of Hoverboard Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

One minute you’re riding smoothly along the park, the next minute your hoverboard breaks down and won’t start. 

There are several problems that happen to our hoverboards especially when it’s in regular use. 

And one of these problems that commonly happen is for one side of your hoverboard to work and the other side doesn’t.

This has happened to every hoverboard owner at one point or another. 

Here’s how you can fix that if you don’t feel like paying for the cost of repairs.


If you’re experiencing the problem where one side of your hoverboard works and the other side doesn’t, stay put and don’t panic.

This is likely one of the best problems to have with your hoverboard. 

It would be worse if both sides of the hoverboard aren’t working which could be attributed to either a bad gyroscope, a bad motherboard or a wheel motor. 

However, when it’s only one side of the hoverboard that doesn’t work, the cause of the problem is usually a bad gyroscope in most cases.

You should ensure that you replace your gyroscope with a perfect replacement to solve the problem of one side of the hoverboard not working.

How to Fix?

To get started fixing this issue, you need to determine the type of gyroscope your hoverboard possesses. 

There are two essential types of a gyroscope: a male gyroscope and a female gyroscope. 

Some boards usually have no motherboard and two gyroscopes with one acting as the motherboard. This is an uncommon occurrence.

If you notice two receiving ports and one wire harness leaving the board, then you have a male gyroscope.

On the other hand, if your board has 3 or 4 receiving ports and no wire harness leaving the board, then you have a female gyroscope.

Here’s a picture of the two types of gyroscopes to see how they look like.


It is important you replace your faulty gyroscope with the same type.

So ensure you open your hoverboard and identify the type of gyroscope your hoverboard uses before you place your order for a replacement.

Plus, when buying your gyroscope, the color doesn’t really matter. You can buy the same color as the mainboard or otherwise.

It is advisable and recommended you place your order for a gyroscope replacement on Amazon or AliExpress when you want to fix your hoverboard.


If one side of your hoverboard refuses to function and your device fails to balance, don’t fret or worry.

It’s most likely your gyroscope that’s not in good working condition.

Open up your hoverboard to identify the type of gyroscope (whether male or female) your hoverboard uses.

Then, order a replacement on Amazon (recommended) or Aliexpress and your hoverboard would be on it’s way to functioning in excellent condition again.

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