How Much Does Onewheel Cost? Why Is It So expensive?

Want to invest in a cool motorized skateboard and need to know how much Onewheel costs?

If that’s the case, you’re at the right place. 

Onewheel arguably designs the best-motorized skateboards with high-quality components and better performance right from California, USA.

But how great and pocket-friendly is the price tag for their skateboards.

In this post, I’ll let you in on how much you have to part with to obtain a skateboard from Onewheel.

Let’s dive in!

How Much Does A Onewheel Cost?

Currently, Future Motion (the parent company behind Onewheel) offers two core products along with several accessories. 

They are Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint.

Onewheel XR Price

The Onewheel XR is the sexy-looking, more popular, and higher performing option. And it retails for $1,799 with free shipping (US locations only) as seen on the Onewheel website.

However, that’s not all you have to pay to get your hands on the cool Onewheel XR.

There’s a 6.35% sales tax that adds $114.24 to the cost price bringing the total cost of the Onewheel XR to $1,913.24.

This is pretty expensive and puts the cost on a high side in comparison to its competitors. 

But judging from its amazing positive reviews, features, and its performance, the Onewheel XR is surely worth it.

And there are several bundles you can get which come with some accessories (along with the skateboard), helping you save money in the long-run.

There’s the Essential bundle for $1,899 which comes with a fender and replacement bumpers. 

You can also go for the Pro bundle for $1,999 or the Elite bundle for $2,249 and get much more relevant accessories on your order.

Onewheel Pint Price

The Onewheel Pint is the smaller, lightweight, and much more affordable version of Onewheel XR.

It retails for $950 (with free shipping) as seen on the Onewheel website and there’s a $60.33 tax during checkout which brings the price to a total of $1,010.33. 

In the box, you get the Pint, the Pint home charger, and a dark gray maghandle.

As you have with the Onewheel XR, you can also choose to buy the Pint in bundles instead. 

There’s the Essentials bundle for $995 that comes with a fender as an accessory, the Ride More bundle for $1,045 (comes with a fender, bumper, and rail guards), and the Ultimate bundle for $1,200 (you get a fender, bumper, rail guards, pint ultra charger and maghandle pro as accessories).

As I said, you can only get those two models of the Onewheel at the moment.

Why is the Onewheel so expensive?

The Onewheel is not one that many can afford. It seems so expensive and this can be connected to several factors including the cost of high-quality components used in production. 

Onewheel skateboards are unique with every bit. There’s a lot of costs invested into the research and development, production process, legal works, marketing, and every necessary aspect making the device costs as much as it does.

Is Onewheel worth the money?

Onewheel skateboards provide you an exciting way to move around and cover distances. 

You get all the right functionalities and innovative technologies to move across diverse terrains.

With few moving parts, Onewheel requires less maintenance to worry about. And you get a bunch of in-built safety features to keep you safe as you ride.

Onewheel is unique, unlike other regular skateboards. And I think it is ultimately worth the price tag you pay for an awesome, enjoyable riding experience.

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  1. Thank guys. I like onewheel so much. A Onewheel is a unique take on electric skateboarding, only that it requires much more balancing abilities. This board may not be as common as the 4-wheeled skateboards in parks, but it has several benefits that can appeal to a skater.


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