Is Onewheel Waterproof? Can you ride a Onewheel in the rain?

Have a Onewheel or thinking of getting one soon? Well, my guess is that you like electric skateboards as well, right? Onewheel is similar to electric skateboards somehow, they both use electricity and electronic circuits along with batteries in order to get you to wherever you want. 

So I guess you should take a look at an article that I wrote a while ago about Boosted Boards which is a famous electric skateboard brand and whether they are waterproof or not. 

Whatever I said about electric skateboards also applies to the Onewheel, let me show you what I’m talking about, keep reading… 

Is Onewheel waterproof?

Definitely not, they’re water resistant but not waterproof, what does it mean? 

Well… You see, it’s hard to waterproof an electronic device, if water gets into it, it’s short-circuited and becomes dead right away.

But what does water resistant mean? 

It means it’s a little waterproof, if you sprinkle some water on it it won’t get damaged, but you can’t certainly submerge it completely in a water tank.

Avoid riding in heavy rain and stay away from puddles. 

If water finds its way in, make sure to dry off your Onewheel before powering it on again. 

Use rubber plugs or anything like it to cover up the charging port and the power button. 

You can find these plugs at a cheap price on Amazon or any online store. 

Can you ride a Onewheel in the rain?

Can you ride a Onewheel in the rain

Some people on the discussion boards stated that it was OK to ride a Onewheel in the rain but not in heavy rain as I stated above. 

Avoid any watery routes or unpaved streets as much as you can, also, try to avoid muddy roads. 

Make sure not to go full speed when riding on rainy or wet streets, you might slip and fall down and hurt yourself, it’s recommended to put on knee and elbow caps for more protection. 

Riding Onewheel on the beach

Can you ride a Onewheel on the beach?

Well… It’s risky I must say because riding a Onewheel on the beach can let sand get into your Onewheel.

Using rubber plugs to protect all holes or vents on your Onewheel is recommended at all times, the sand contains some water in it too. 

If by any means, water or sand find their way in, use some tools to clean up the sand and for the water, you can just let it dry off and use it the next day.


Onewheel claims that all of its products are water resistant, that means they are resistant to moisture and light rain drops, if by any means you drop it in a lake or submerge it in water you’ll void your warranty.

Check online for waterproofing guides for extra protection, also get some covers or rubber plugs as I told you above to cover up the charging port and the power button and any holes or vents on your Onewheel.

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