Can You Ride A Hoverboard On Grass, Gravel Or Carpet

Who doesn’t want to ride his hoverboard everywhere?! No one right? Riding a hoverboard is fun and cool but we often ask ourselves if it’s okay to ride them on rough surfaces like unpaved roads or roads with rocks and bumps and even puddles. 

Because Hoverboards seem to have moderate-sized wheels, they’re in between, not so small neither as big as car wheels, we think twice before trying them out on grass or gravel, or even the carpet. 

Can you ride a hoverboard on grass

In general, Yes, but only on short and smooth grass, even the usual types of Hoverboards can go on short grass but it’s preferred to stay away from short or tall grass at all costs, unless you have an off-road hoverboard which tends to have bigger wheels. 

Can you ride a hoverboard on gravel

Bigger gravel? NO, smaller gravel? Maybe.

I would advise against any size, gravel may get into your hoverboard and ruin the bearings or the motors. 

It’s recommended to go slower than what you usually should when riding on a normal surface because your hoverboard may break if you hit or step on big gravel. 

Can you ride a hoverboard on dirt

It’s fine riding a hoverboard on dirt since it’s tiny but I’d worry though about wet dirt or sand, don’t ever think of trying it on the beach, your hoverboard could sink in the sand and will be filled with it, especially when the beach sand is wet and deep. 

Can you ride a hoverboard on the carpet

You can definitely ride a hoverboard on the carpet, but there are some considerations before you throw your hoverboard on the carpet and start enjoying riding it. 

First, you won’t ride at the same speed as with riding on other surfaces like paved streets or wood. 

Bigger wheels matter, using Hoverboards with bigger wheels will definitely help, remember why car manufacturers use bigger wheels with cars designed to go through deserts? Yeah, the same principle applies to this situation, in desert cars with smaller wheels sink whereas cars with bigger wheels won’t because the pressure is not the same, it’s lighter. 

Motors, just desert cars again, you need more power in order to push your hoverboard forward, having a hoverboard which has powerful motors will help more. 


If you want a hoverboard that’s more resistant and protected against tough conditions then you should invest in an all-terrain Hoverboards which come with rugged and bigger tires that can survive against the previously mentioned conditions. 

Other sites recommend buying a hoverboard which has wheels of 8.5” whereas regular Hoverboards’ wheels are 6.5”. 

There are many videos on YouTube where you can see people riding their Hoverboards on the grass and other rough surfaces.

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