Should A Razor Scooter Be On When Charging?

So, you have a razor scooter and you want to discover whether it should be on when trying to charge it?

I’ll reveal to you in this article the recommended way to charge razor scooters.

Razor scooters are nowadays seen as a core means of user mobility and transportation. 

They operate and utilize power from batteries, which is one of the essential parts of the scooter, used to operate the engine.

To keep your razor scooter up and running, you need to ensure the battery is completely charged as at when needed, since the electric scooter utilizes electrical capacity to run. 

When your razor is on a full charge, you can go up to 10 miles to 15 miles.

In that light, here’s the exact recommended battery charging procedure for razor scooters.

How to Charge Your Razor Scooter

There are two different ways you can charge your Razor scooter. 

Either with a charger or without a charger.

With Charger

Check to see that your charger is working properly by following these steps.

Firstly you need to make sure you have the correct charger. 

Razor electric scooters require either a 24 or 36-voltage charger depending on the model. 

Check your charger to ensure the voltage is accurate for your electric scooter. Also, check your electric scooter to ensure it is off. You should not charge your razor electric scooter while it is on.

Next, plug your charger into the electrical power outlet and observe that the light turns on on the charger. The color of the light should be solid green.

Plug the charger into the charging port in your Razor scooter. Ensure that the charger is correctly plugged into the charger port and observe the light on the charger again. The color of the light should be solid red, this time around.

Once the charging period is complete and your Razor electric scooter is completely charged, the color of the light on the charger turns solid green again. 

Remove the charger from the wall and then the charger port and your scooter is ready to go.

The battery of your Razor electric scooter should be completely charged after a full 12 hours of charging. 

If you notice that your charger shows a solid green light after charging for a little time, your battery may not be fully charged. 

Continue charging your scooter for the 12-hour duration and you should also endeavor to charge the battery after each use whether or not the battery power is completely drained.

Without Charger

A lot of people might think this process – charging a Razor scooter without a charger – isn’t possible. 

Yes, it is possible to charge the battery of a razor scooter without a charger. Plus, this process is the most ideal way to energize the battery of your razor scooter.

When you charge the battery inside the scooter, it produces heat and begins warming up. The warming up causes wear off of the electric association which affects the performance of the battery.

The first step in charging the battery of a razor scooter is expelling the battery from the razor scooter. 

The battery of the razor scooter can be found under the deck and you need to remove the screws with a screwdriver before you evacuate that part.

There’s a bar with two fastens you need to remove that holds the battery in its place. 

Next, identify the two wire terminals which connect the batteries with the engine and unplug the wire and take out the battery.

Here’s where your battery charger comes in. A battery charger is a device used to energize auxiliary battery cells externally. 

There are various types of battery chargers but every one of them should come with two standard red and black wires.

You should purchase a battery charger from the store and have it in your possession beforehand. 

The red wire terminal is the positive terminal, and the black wire is the negative terminal. 

To charge the battery with the battery charger, join the two wires of the scooter’s charger with the charger’s wire and run an electric supply into the charger.

Charge the battery for the duration that is specified in the manual of the razor scooter. Most razor scooters take at least 12 hours to fully charge the battery so I will recommend you charge the battery for around 12 to 24 hours.

The battery charger has an indicator that lets you know when the battery is completely charged. Most chargers light up with a solid green light pointer when the battery is full. 

After the battery is completely charged, you need to place the battery back in place. 

Connect the wire terminals on the scooter to their respective ports of the battery. Assemble the different parts of the scooter and fix the screws. Make sure the scooter is firmly tight and sealed before use.


Razor scooter can be a brilliant partner for you to navigate through and move around your environment. 

As you enjoy your mobility gadget, you need to be conscious of battery performance and charge your scooter after each ride 

I hope you learned how to charge your battery properly from this guide.

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  1. Thanks for the info. What could be weong with my e300 razor scooter if stand on it, it barely moves but if am off it and lift the back side above the ground then engage it, the tyre rolls so fast.

  2. I have a Razor Power Core 90 and there is a rocker switch on the battery case. If the red light is on,is scooter on or off. Manual said to make sure scooter is OFF so you don’t damage the battery. I need some help. Thanks. Ronnie


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