How To Turn Off Bluetooth On A Hoverboard

Hoverboards were first introduced in 2013 by Shane Chen, surprisingly, he’s not a young man if you’re asking, a cool invention like this is predicted to come from young minds, anyway, I’m not here to judge people, this cool new invention utilizes the movement of your body to control the hoverboard without having to use a steering wheel or something, it may seem difficult to ride at the beginning but you’ll get used to it after a couple of times once you learn how to balance yourself. 

Why does your hoverboard have Bluetooth

If you don’t already know it yet, some hoverboards come with speakers and Bluetooth to help you play music using your phone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android.

Why would you want to turn off Bluetooth

I know this is not my business to know the reason behind this question but I find it strange that you want to turn off the Bluetooth, maybe you don’t want to listen to music or maybe it’s interfering with other devices and causing problems. 

Whatever the reason is, there’s a simple solution for it. 

How to turn off Bluetooth on a hoverboard

The answer is very simple, you turn on Bluetooth by turning your hoverboard on, and if you want to turn Bluetooth off then just switch the hoverboard back off. 

Easy, right? Another solution, if you want to stop your hoverboard from connecting to your phone’s Bluetooth, is to simply turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device. 

That way you can pair your phone with other speakers. 

This process applies to all types of phones including Android and iOS. 

Can’t turn the Bluetooth on?

There must be a guide or a manual on the manufacturer’s website, your new hoverboard may ask you to enter a password in order to pair it with your phone. 

P.S. Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is discoverable so it can be paired easily with your hoverboard. 

The last thing you should do if things get weird is to call the support and ask for help.

7 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Bluetooth On A Hoverboard”

  1. I can tell everyone WHY you would want to Turn Off the Bluetooth Function. I think the we all know that you can turn the Power On and Off. And we also know that we can turn the Bluetooth setting on our devices On and Off. Thank you for that. What I believe everyone wants to know in the search results is how to DISABLE the Bluetooth Function all together. The reason for this is because every time your child (or whoever) goes to ride the Hoverboard all you hear is the maddening sounds of the “beep” “beep” followed by “waiting for Bluetooth connection”, “waiting for Bluetooth connection”, over and over. Extremely annoying if your child (like most) likes to get on and off the hoverboard multiple times and hour. You don’t want to disable Bluetooth on your devices because you may need it for other things in your house. So you are left with dealing with the annoying connection attempts over and over. Therefore if anyone knows how to DISABLE the Bluetooth FUNCTION on the the Hoverboard that would be extremely helpful. Thank You.

  2. Same resone here. I have two kids both with hoverboards so seem to be continually hearing “The Bluetooth Device is Ready to Pair”
    It would be nice if the bluetooth option could be turned off completely.

  3. If someone could find a solution to this, I’m sure it would be much appreciated by so many people including me.
    Its not only the notification sounds, but also how loud it is, especially with this model board.

  4. My hoverboard keeps on making a blooping sound coming from the Bluetooth speaker and won’t go away it just keeps on going. Does anyone know how to fix it? Also they do mean what website I got the hoverboard from right I’m only 12 please help my mom doesn’t know how to fix it.

  5. I have the same problem!!! my grandson is trying to take it off!!! This is a ver silly thing to have if you cannit switch it off. We will be waiting to see if anyone finds a solution.


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