How to Turn Off Sound on a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are fun to ride, at home or even on the streets with your friends, a really fun and innovative invention we must admit, but sometimes you face this problem where it beeps repeatedly and makes you go crazy and lets you turn it off to stop this noise. 

Your hoverboard beeps when the battery is low or when you ride it at a high speed.

Why does your hoverboard make that sound?

It could be due to a lot of things, a bad battery, a faulty motherboard or maybe you’re going at a high speed.

Think carefully before you decide which one is it.

How to turn off sound on a hoverboard

Before trying to open up and messing around with your hoverboard I’d highly recommend looking for any options or settings that may reduce or disable this sound, you may also want to read the manual and look for anything related to this sound. 

Also, look for a reset option or button on the hoverboard and see if it solves the problem. 

If nothing helps, try to call or email the manufacturer about this, maybe they have a better or easier solution to this problem. 

Lastly, try visiting a repair shop nearby, maybe they can fix it for you. 

One last thing before you go ahead with the steps below, if it’s still under warranty, proceeding with the steps mentioned below may void the warranty so it’s highly recommended to think about it before doing anything. 

Hoverboards with Bluetooth modules

If you have this model then there’s a downside to this method or if you’re lucky enough, there’s not. 

Let me explain, if your model includes a Bluetooth module then probably it has a speaker which can play your favorite music using your smartphone, that means if you disconnect the speaker from the motherboard you won’t be able to play music anymore but you will get rid of the beeping sound forever. 

First, unscrew all the screwdrivers on your board, not all of them, only the necessary ones in order to reach the motherboard. 

Second, open it up carefully and look for any pieces or speakers and look for a small piece which looks like a small black cylinder, check the image below.


unless your model has a separate speaker for beeping or what’s called “piezoelectric” speaker, in that case, you’re lucky. 

This small piece is soldered to the motherboard, so you should move it back and forth until it breaks, don’t worry you can solder it back using the right tools if you want to.

Hoverboards without Bluetooth modules

If you don’t have the model above then finding the piece that’s making that noise is easy, you’ll just have to disconnect or unplug it carefully in order to get rid of that sound.

Another good tip is to put a small piece of cotton or any other material to reduce the sound a little. 


I hope the steps or solutions mentioned above helped you in any way, if it did, I’d be happy if you let me know below in the comments section.

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